Perspective Drawing Handbook透视入门 pdf下载 ebook download
Perspective Drawing Handbook透视入门 pdf下载 ebook download
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Perspective creates a sense of space, depth, and the third dimension within the limitations of the flat drawing surface. This unusually comprehensive handbook integrates extensive text with hundreds of labeled drawings and diagrams; each page covers a fundamental principle and includes relevant constructions. All aspects of perspective drawing are discussed, from diminution, foreshortening and convergence to distortion, measurement, and shade and shadow effects. Essential concepts such as horizon line, vanishing point, cone of vision, and picture plane are explained theoretically and illustrated in practical contexts, using both mechanical and freehand sketching techniques. With its step–by–step presentation of professional working methods and practices, Perspective Drawing Handbook is an essential text and reference for fine and commercial artists, architects, engineers, and interior and industrial designers. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

作者:Joseph D'Amelio

出版社: Dover Publications

出版时间: 2004-5-17

价格: USD 8.95

ISBN: 9780486432083